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Azredeius is a realm of myriad races, cultures, and factions struggling to survive amidst unnumerable perils. The land is dotted with the dusty remains of ancient civilizations, the blood-drenched battle fields of countless wars and mysterious temples and landmarks whose origins and purpose have been lost to the ages.

Thousands of years of history have left its mark upon the great continent of Azredeius. The earliest races, the Elves and the Dwarves, were perfectlly content to leave each other to their own devices. The Elves flourished within Azredeius’s bountifull fields and lush forests while the Dwarves built marvelous cities from the very mountains they called home.

The relative peace of these two races would eventually die, however, due to the hordes of goblinoid creatures that would pour forth from the mountains and the great savage tribes that would emerge from across the wide expanses of deserts and the dusty plains. The savage Orcish tribes began to assemble into armies. Powerfull Ogres, Trolls, and Giants rose up from the darkest corners of Azredeius. Strange Fey creatures, forced from their long hidden homes with the forests, soon came into the light. And from the highest mountain tops, Azredeius’s most mysterious and fearfull denzions, The Dragons, made their awesome presence known.

Over the years, other strange creatures emerged, such as the Humans, Halflings, and Gnomes. The Humans, a savage but adaptable species, quickly populated every land they traveled to. Over the thousands of years of Azredeius’s history, the Humans would become more civilized, and while their civilizations would rise and fall many times, they have become the dominant race on Azredeius, forming the borders of many different nations and countries.